Class DocumentHolder


public class DocumentHolder
extends Object

Wraps a JDOM Document and allows transactional access.

Wes Biggs

Constructor Summary
DocumentHolder(URL url)
Method Summary
 void checkin(org.jdom.Document document)
          Accepts the changes from the document.
 org.jdom.Document checkout()
          Returns a cloned copy of the document.
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Constructor Detail


public DocumentHolder(URL url)
Method Detail


public org.jdom.Document checkout()
Returns a cloned copy of the document.


public void checkin(org.jdom.Document document)
Accepts the changes from the document. If possible, rewrites the content. Changes are synchronized but not checked; if two concurrent threads make different changes, the last one to call checkin() will win. This effectively gives the process a transaction isolation level equivalent to TRANSACTION_READ_COMMITTED.

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