Package org.xorm

Interface Summary
Configurable A common interface to denote that an object can be configured.
I15d A declarative interface that allows an implementing class easy access to a shared, internationalized resource bundle.

Class Summary
ClassMapping A ClassMapping provides the mapping from a Java type (class or interface) to a datastore type.
CollectionProxy Represents a one-to-many or many-to-many relationship.
DependencyComparator Sorts Proxy items such that those that depend on others are ordered following their dependencies.
InterfaceInvocationHandler Handles calls to an interface of the object model.
InterfaceManagerFactory Factory that allows the creation of InterfaceManager objects.
ModelMapping Represents the full set of mappings for an object model.
ObjectId The shared ObjectId class used to represent datastore identity.
Options This class encapsulates the JDO options associated with many JDO interfaces.
RelationshipMapping A relationship mapping is a set of two endpoints that map specific columns to primary keys of specific interface types.
RelationshipProxy Represents a one-to-many or many-to-many relationship.
StateManagerImpl A single instance of StateManagerImpl tracks the state of a non-interface JDO PersistenceCapable object.
TransactionImpl A transaction with ACID properties, to which may be attached any number of objects.
XORM XORM helper class to instantiate objects and access XORM-specific features.

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